Interesting Uses Of Feng Shui Crystal Tree

Interesting Uses Of Feng Shui Crystal Tree

Out of the most famous elements in the Feng Shui culture, the traditions of the crystal tree embrace much importance. A miniature tree decorated with crystals as well as gemstones, called as the Feng Shui Crystal Tree or the Feng Shui Gem Tree. It is believed to bring good luck to its surrounding. Most of the people around the globe have experienced the amazing effects of this Feng Shui element. As a matter of fact, this tree brings a lot of positive attributes along with luck and prosperity.

As is quoted by historians, the use of the first Feng Shui crystal tree was seen in the Chinese as well as Tibetan cultures, decades ago. There is an exciting story behind the origination of this specific element. It is believed that a heavenly fairy, Shang travelled to the Earth to marry a village commoner whose name was Chooi. Due to the constant financial crises, Shang conjured a magic tree that made coins. This tree assisted her family with money as well as helped the villagers in their hard times.  From then, the Feng Shui Crystal Tree has been significant in stabilizing financial condition and the abundance of prosperity.

This tree is available in different forms. While some are just tiny crystal chips, others have a different variety of colored stones hung on them. Called as the Five-Element Crystal Tree, chips of the Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Aventurine and Citrine are hung on the branches of the miniature tree.

Uses of the Feng Shui Crystal Tree:-

The Feng Shui Crystal Trees represent growth, stability as well as good luck. The perfect placement of this tree plays a crucial part in its underlying purpose.

  • A Crystal Tree when kept at work desk results to a better as well as successful professional life. Financial wealth as well as prosperity will ultimately follow.

  • Keep a crystal tree in a student’s room or on his study desk and observe his or her educational success.

  • This magic tree when kept in the common area of a house fetches calmness, peace and love in the family as well as among its members.

  • A Crystal Tree also completes the purpose of attaining stability to a love relationship if placed in the bedroom of the concerned couple.

  • Besides, it is proved that the presence of this amazing tree raises the memory as well as retains the thinking capacity of the surrounding people.

  • Many people also refer to this tree as a kind of wish-making tree. It is believed to have special powers to grant wishes true.

  • When kept on the bedside table, a Crystal Tree works wonders on individuals with amnesia by assisting them to sleep calmly and is also known to throw away bad dreams and nightmares.

  • The Feng Shui Crystal Tree is noteworthy of prosperity, stability as well as good fortune. Followers of the Feng Shui system have trust for the fact that the power of this magic tree works right away.

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