All You Need To Know About Sodalite

All You Need To Know About Sodalite

Sodalite was initially discovered in Greenland in the 19th century. Sodalite is mostly available in a lovely royal blue color, generally with white specks and veins running on it and through it. It’s an opaque stone that comes in various shades of blue, usually blue grey flecked with white calcite. The word Sodalite is derived from the chemical component sodium. It can be polished to attain an extremely high gloss and make it look richer as well as more elegant.

It also comes from the Latin word ‘Sodalitas’ which means comrade, because those who wear it will feel like they have a comrade who helps them feel peaceful and heal their aching or troubled hearts. Presently, it is available in Bolivia, Portugal, Brazil, Russia, Tanzania, Canada, Australia, and China. Extraordinary kinds of Sodalite have also been found in Namibia and in Vesuvius, Italy.

Why Should One Use Sodalite?

Sodalite is not only fine-looking but also extremely powerful. In case if you didn’t know it still, Sodalite is called as the Poet’s Stone as it can assist to express all the things that you want to speak out in the best way possible. It’s a useful stone to stop an arguments or disagreements. This is a best part of what makes Sodalite such a famous stone. If you have ever struggled with the classic arguments between head and heart, you will know exactly how it so often goes. The rational mind wants to do a specific thing, whereas the heart calls out for another. Maintaining a balance between these two contrasting sides can be hard – and many times finding the right stone to assist strikes that unity.

Though in Sodalite, you can find that those internal dialogues turn quieter, as well as more cordial. This is also because Sodalite is extremely fascinating stone to meditate with, able to assist in clearing away any mental cobwebs as well as align the person with a more cohesive interpretation of what comes in these calm as well as contemplative moments. This stone can also calm the mind when the time is perfect to do so – extremely valuable to those learning meditative practices for the initial time, finding it hard to keep their thoughts silent or let them roam around without instinctively analyzing them.

There will be raised awareness and clearer visions, too. Any wrong illusions will be detached from the picture. This stone can act as a bridge that will assists you to make sense of their thoughts as well as feelings. It’s a stone that represent efficiency, knowledge as well as communication.

How Will Sodalite Assist You?

There is much more to Sodalite than just meets the eye.

Its healing energies initially cleanse the aura then extract the bad feelings from the heart; it can also assist in healing the human body. Sodalite has the power to cleanse the organs as well as make them work to their fullest capacity. It can also boost the individual’s immunity as well as guard them from the most common sicknesses. If the person is a health buff, they will be delighted to know that this stone can also raise their metabolism. It can enhance the digestion, and even reduce the individual’s high blood pressure. It’s the perfect stone to have if the person is undergoing chemotherapy. It will help in stabilizing the energies as well as assist in dealing with the side effects of the treatment.

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