Feng Shui

Feng-Shui means wind and water ( Fung-Shway) .

Feng-shui is an ancient Chinese science based on five elements.

The Five Elements of classical Chinese thought :

  • Water
  • Earth
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Fire

These five elements are interacting with each other in both constructive way and destructive way.


The constructive cycle :

Water feeds plants to give rise to Wood. Wood in turn can create Fire. The by-product of Fire is ash, in this case the Earth element. From the Earth comes Metal, which in turn can help collect Water, thus going full circle. This is called the constructive cycle or cycle of birth.

The destructive cycle :

The same way, Water puts out Fire, Fire melts Metal, Metal axes fell Wood, the Wood tree roots hold down Earth and Earth absorbs Water. This is called the destructive cycle or cycle of Conquering.


Also remember that each element is subject to the Yin and Yang principle. That means that there are two forms of each element, for example there is Yin Fire and Yang Fire.

Feng shui is mainly based on energy or chi. Chinese believes that without the energy there is nothing but the death. Having the right balance and flow of chi around the home and office is vital. When a house is built it has a magnetic field. Humans also have a magnetic field like aura of body. Whether these magnetic fields attract or repulse one another will be essential in creating auspiciousness.

There are many different recognized schools and methods of Feng Shui stemming from the Form School and the Compass School, Four pillars of destiny and the Flying Star School.

Mainly feng shui works with the eight direction of your house. Each direction has their own numerical values, elements, colors and energy levels. We also have our own personal directions, colors, and kua-numbers according to our date of birth.

Here I will give you the simple effective and harmless remedies of feng-shui symbols for luck, career, love, wealth, good health, fame and recognition.