About Us

Future Guide is a pioneer company in bringing affordable and advance green solutions and spreading wellness to improve your surroundings and environments. We have been associated with this company since twenty years. Our experts and healers are catering all over India to almost every sector.

Mamta Veera

She is partner in Future guide and her expertise in counseling. She is consultant, healer, and meditation teacher. She does Reiki, pranic healing and crystal Theta Healing.

Nilesh Veera

He is consultant, councilor, carrier guidance, expert in vastu, tarot reader, numerologist, holistic spiritual healer. He can bring clarity into your life, like issues in health, marriage, conceiving, business upgrading, financial growth, new and pending constructions etc.


Our Mission is to empower and to guide you by enhancing your surroundings what it means to fully experience and manifest abundance in all areas of your life and to help to make your dream come true.


We are committed to improve your lifestyle by providing honest, affordable, effective and innovative solutions. And to achieve excellence in providing our services globally.