How to Heal the Root Chakra?

How to Heal the Root Chakra?

If you are at all times on survival mode and can hardly seem to get by on a monthly basis, you may have an imbalance root chakra.

Represented by the color red, this is perhaps the most important chakra of all, given the fact that it puts a base for all other chakras.

In this blog, let’s take a look at what a strong root chakra looks and feels like as well as what you can do to help in rebalancing the root chakra that’s improper in its shape.

The root chakras symbolize the survival instinct that’s there in all human beings. It also shows the need for you to come across your roots, a sense of grounding, security and the need to get the desired support from yourself as well as others for the intention of flourishing and surviving.

If the root chakra is on overdrive, you can have an issue controlling yourself. You may happen to binge eat, collect money, become very serious and get trapped in cynicism as well as negativity. It turns into a vicious cycle that is self-fulfilling.

You become a kind of person who will do whatever they can to win, even when it means alienating people close to you. One can also suffer from anxiety as well as depression and feel unsure about their future. Even when there’s a lot around you, you might never really feel safe and okay, preferring to collect and hoard things because of an illusion that things can run out of your life.

If the root chakra is well-adjusted, you will have faith in yourself as well as other people. You will also be confident in the ability to provide for yourself as well as others, and have constant faith in the future and the truth that everything will work itself out. You will be able to form healthy relationships that will flourish with time, and you will understand and accept the cyclical nature of most things in life.

Here are certain things you can do to rebalance and heal the root chakra:-

  1. Take a walk barefoot outside. This is a practice that’s called grounding. The feet touching the ground will assist to reestablish the connection with Mother Earth, nurturing feelings of security and grounding you in several ways you can never think would be possible.

  2. Commence working towards self-reliance and autonomy. This might include talking with someone about your finances, joining life-classes, gathering with like-minded people and reconnecting with the deepest part of the inner self through spiritualism.

  3. Encircle yourself with red color. Red is the root chakra color, and it puts inside the human confidence that can’t be shaken even if there are any uncertainties that you might encounter in your life.

  4. Carry out yoga poses that make you sit on a yoga mat for a long period of time like the pigeon pose. Yoga is the best way to ground as well as reconnect with the body on a primal level.

  5. Dance like nobody is looking. This shakes up all the meridians in the body, realigning any type of energy that can be creating an obstacle to the normal flow of prana to the root chakra.

  6. The root chakra is the base; if you take care of it, you they will be able to influence the other chakras in the body in a more positive and holistic manner.

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