4 Things You Should Know About Astrology

4 Things You Should Know About Astrology
  1. JP Morgan said “Millionaires don’t believe in astrology, billionaires do.”
  2. As research of astrological cycles disclose the ebb and flow of the psychology of the people, these cycles can give clues that are helpful in financial investing.  For instance, while Pluto was traveling via Sagittarius, the sign of expansion and positivity, there was an actually endless flow of consumer confidence that drove the stock and housing markets in an unending upward direction.  The moment Pluto entered Capricorn in January; the reality check that Capricorn needs investors to understand that they were standing on a house of cards and with the drop of confidence came the fall of the markets as well as the rest of the economy.  Short-term planetary cycles might provide certain clues as to the twists and turns of the markets, but it is quite hard to predict specific investments with any precision because of the huge number of variables: the cycles of the individual investor, its CEO, the particular company, etc.

  3. Astrology can assist to explain as well as solve issues in relationships.
  4. The astrological charts of two people can be compared, expressing underlying compatibilities as well as potential issues that can facilitate successful interaction between the two individuals.  This is effectual for business partners, spouses, as well as parents, siblings and children.  They might also calculate a chart of the relationship, known as the “composite” chart and keep an eye on the planetary cycles that the relationship is likely to come across.

  5. Having knowledge about planetary cycles can assist to navigate times of emotional difficulty.
  6. The way planets in the sky travel via solar system, they many a times make angles to planets in our birth-chart, encouraging an array of different cycles named “transits” that affect us in a various ways.  Cycles of Saturn develop pressure for success as well as achievement and can induce delays resulting in disappointment.  Uranus cycles urge the individuals to make changes in the life where we have turned fusty, creating a sense of restlessness and desire for something new.  Under the influence of Neptune, individuals hear the Siren’s call – stimulating a longing within themselves to experience the heavenly, an urge towards the mystic.  These times might bring delusion, confusion and illusion as well as tough creative and romantic impulses.  Knowing the nature of the cycle that is occurring assist to navigate via hard ways quite easily and it also lets you understand when these cycles will commence and when they will finish.

  7. As an accurate birth-time is important for more specific information, a great deal can be known using only the date of birth.
  8. The birth time sets up the formation of the houses and gives the ascendant, or rising sign as well as the exact position of the Moon and makes it simpler to time events with some specificity.  But also without an exact time the date of birth gives the placements of all other planets and their relationship to each other which provides clues into the inner workings of the personality and permits us to predict major and minor planetary cycles.

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