Astrology is not only a future telling science. It can help people to live better life style. It can be used to solve many problems like career, business, marriage, relations, family, studies, legal, health, tension etc. In 21st century many people have change their attitude positive towards life. But still they follow some old belief system to solve their problems like poojas yantras expensive gemstones etc. In today's fast life people are expecting very fast result and for that Astrology or jyotish is not only the future telling science like what you read in the horoscope section of the newspaper but, it is the science of finding your connection between the Earth and the Cosmos. It follows the patterns of movement by the planets and stars of solar system. Astrology interprets what it conceives to the future of the man as molded by his/her previous Karma or birth and indicates by the planetary positions at the time of his/her birth. With the help of this planetary position one can draw the Kundali. The main key words used in Kundali are Rashi, tithi, graha, nakshatra, karan, yog, dasha, yoni, gan etc. There are 12 places (Sthan) in kundali.

Here we use your Kundali as your X-ray and find out the proper problem you are facing. Instead of finding the traditional solutions which are commonly used by jyotishi we give you the perfect solution by using Counseling theory which is called Astro-Counseling.

Astro-Counseling can be used for :

To solve our problem by using the mind control method.
To help the total development.
To help in taking proper decisions.
To face any challenges.
To minimize the mistakes.
To motivate yourself.
To identify the proper choice.
To identify our weakness.
To help the person in their bad time.
To identify the proper opportunities.
To build good relations.
To maintain the harmony.
To bring prosperity in your house.
To come out of any grief, sadness, depression.
To build your reputation.
To help the student in vocational development.
To the strong use of our abilities and willpower.
To increase your success ratio.
To identify and help the person in need of special help.
To improve person's attitude behavior.
To improve married life.

Yes Astrology can help you in all above sector for sure.

Have you wondered why some people born lucky?

Chinese people believes that there are 3 types of luck

Heaven luck, Man luck and Earth luck.

Heaven luck determines when you born, where you born, which family you born purely based on your karmas

Man luck is created by your behavior, attitude, choices, decisions and actions you take in your life.

Earth luck is the luck affected by your surrounding and environment.

Here are some simple, powerful, effective, logical hence affordable solutions to improve your surroundings and environments.

Yes Astrology can help you in all above sector for sure success.